Young girl pictured with her back to camera on the beach at the Isle of Barra, Scotland

It all began with the first act

Our story began with Eilidh, a 14-year-old girl from the Isle of Barra in Scotland and the niece of Ardonagh colleague, Margaret.

Sadly, Eilidh was one of the 22 people who lost their lives in the Manchester Arena bombing in 2017.

At this time, Ardonagh was yet to be launched, but the leadership team felt compelled to act. They paused the creation of the business to establish a platform to respond to the tragedy that would also ensure Ardonagh employees into the future have the support to give back to the causes close to their hearts, too.

And so ACT was born – a charity accessible to all Ardonagh people across the Group worldwide.

Our first act was a grant to fund musical instruments at Eilidh’s school. Since then we’ve worked closely with the Eilidh MacLeod Memorial Trust established in her name to create a sculpture to honour both her life and love of music.

To date, together with our people, ACT has raised over £5 million and supported more than 1,000 causes around the world.

We are committed to changing the lives of the communities that matter to us in a way that has an everyday impact.

From the first ACT to big impact. In 2022, we gathered with 300+ colleagues, friends and industry partners raising over £1 million to kickstart the next chapter.


Today, ACT enables Ardonagh people to support the causes that matter to them through six actions:

Community Grants

Helping communities connected to our people shine brighter.

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Match Funding

Boosting the fundraising efforts of our people for the causes they care about.

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Charity Partnerships

Working closely with causes close to the hearts of our people.

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Giving back time and skills to make a difference.

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Bright Future Prize

Empowering and investing in the next generation of community leaders.

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Investing to protect global communities for the future.

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Our values

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We give Ardonagh colleagues the opportunity to show compassion and help people in communities they know and love.

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We are committed to driving positive change for those who need it.

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By amplifying the efforts of Ardonagh people, we make a real impact where it matters most.