Community Grants

Supporting the communities connected to our people shine brighter.

Through the ACT community grant programme, Ardonagh colleagues around the world can apply for up to £5,000, or equivalent local currency, towards a cause or charity close to their hearts.

Like The Ardonagh Group, our people are involved in a huge range of causes, and the diversity of charities we have been able to support through the grant programme reflects this.

Here's just some of the projects we've funded

  • Mindfulness courses for cancer patients
  • Community defibrillators in Gibraltar
  • Providing PPE to frontline workers during the pandemic
  • Training facilitators to lead men’s mental health groups
  • Facilitating LGBTQ-plus hubs to grow
  • A specialist playground for a school teaching children with learning difficulties
  • A breast cancer screening bus in Northern Ireland
  • Driving experiences for people with visual impairments
  • Sporting trips for disabled young people
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project supported over five years

Through our Community Grants programme, we have funded projects supporting thousands of people around the world.

This free screening service for women in Northern Ireland is very close to my heart. My sister went for a routine screening and its advanced technology detected her cancer and saved her life, as it was already stage 4 and she had experienced no symptoms.

Lisa Hurst, Dawson Whyte, Ardonagh Europe

Lisa Hurst from Dawson Whyte nominated Action Cancer NI for a grant to support their mobile screening clinic.

It was such fantastic news to hear that ACT were able to support my nomination for Cycling Sheffield. The grant helped them develop facilities for kids, originally set up to support the local community during lockdown.

Gary Bennett, Lutine, Ardonagh Advisory

Gary Bennett from Lutine nominated Cycling Sheffield for a grant towards their youth cycling project.

On behalf of the team for The Friends of the Marshfield Dog Park, we are incredibly grateful to the Ardonagh Community Trust and its Trustees for their generous contribution to a great cause and for their positive impact on our cosy community across the pond.

Steve Darcy, AccuRisk, Ardonagh Global Partners

Steve Darcy from AccuRisk nominated The Friends of the Marshfield Dog Park for a grant to help maintain, improve, and beautify a public community dog park in the town of Marshfield, Massachusetts, in the United States.