Community Grants

Supporting the communities connected to our people shine brighter.

Through the ACT community grant programme, Ardonagh colleagues around the world can apply for up to £5,000, or equivalent local currency, towards a cause or charity close to their hearts.

Like The Ardonagh Group, our people are involved in a huge range of causes, and the diversity of charities we have been able to support through the grant programme reflects this.

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project supported around the world

Here's just some of the projects we've funded

  • Mindfulness courses for cancer patients
  • Community defibrillators in Gibraltar
  • Providing PPE to frontline workers during the pandemic
  • Training facilitators to lead men’s mental health groups
  • Facilitating LGBTQ-plus hubs to grow
  • A specialist playground for a school teaching children with learning difficulties
  • A breast cancer screening bus in Northern Ireland
  • Driving experiences for people with visual impairments
  • Sporting trips for disabled young people

Through our Community Grants programme, we have funded projects supporting thousands of people around the world.

Projeto Impacto aims to impact children's lives on and off the mats – through the sport of judo. The area is underprivileged and there are many issues with drugs and crime. At the moment, there is a waiting list of more than 40 children. By putting up a new aluminium shed to extend the space, the project will be able to serve twice as many students!

Cristina Goncalves – MDS Brasil, Ardonagh Global Partners

Projeto Impacto pela Associação Desportiva Santo André is a charity in the outskirts of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

I volunteer for the Community First Responders scheme on a regular basis, doing at least 16 hours a month. It's really rewarding to see people getting help as quickly as possible which can make a huge difference to ambulance crews. The grant from ACT will help us keep responders safe with new body-worn cameras.

Nigel Hicks, Towergate, Ardonagh Advisory

Nigel Hicks (pictured left) from Towergate, Ardonagh Advisory, volunteers as a community responder and sees first hand the impact the charity has.

In the space of five years, the research team have discovered and tested two experimental therapies from bench to bedside. Having experienced the devastation this has on a family firsthand; this cause is very close to my heart. My involvement with RUN DIPG remains ongoing, as we have not yet found a therapy that provides kids a chance at better survival – but with projects like this, I hope we will get there.

Luke Eagle, Aviso Broking – Envest, Australia, Ardonagh Global Partners

Aviso Broking colleague Luke Eagle is closely connected to Run DIPG, which was founded in memory of his niece to support research into brain tumours.