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Envest partners with headspace to champion young people's mental health

The Envest Group, part of Ardonagh Global Partners, has partnered with headspace – Australia's National Youth Mental Health Foundation – for the next 12 months.

headspace provides early intervention mental health services and support to 12–25-year-olds across the country. Envest's new partnership reflects ACT's own commitment to mental health, with wellbeing being a long-standing central cause at the heart of ACT.

To launch the partnership, Envest has contributed $50,000 to assist with the development of headspace's programs and services. Each year, headspace helps thousands of young people access vital support through our headspace services in 156 communities across Australia through its online and phone counselling services, vocational services, and presence in schools.

A National Study of Mental Health and Wellbeing in Australia in 2022 found that mental health in young generations is in crisis. The study revealed that the prevalence of operationally defined mental illnesses in 16–24‐year‐olds rose by 50%, from 26% in 2007 to 39% in 2021.

In 2022, 22.9% of people aged 16–34 years saw a health professional for their mental health, compared with 17.4% of people aged 35–64 years and 8.1% of people aged 65–85 years. Suicide is also the leading cause of death among Australians aged 15–24.

headspace is an organisation set up to tackle mental health issues head on. headspace provides a safe space and drop in centers for youth to access doctors, mental health, sexual health, work and study, drug and alcohol programs. The organisation has a school-based education program and free online resources.

Envest colleagues, including Ardonagh Australia Chairman, Paul Lynam, launch the headspace partnership.
We are really looking forward to supporting headspace this year. I think that this is a very timely partnership for Envest Group – we know that young people are the future and that our society looks very different than when I was growing up. We want to support the young people coming into our businesses as best we can and foster a culture that empowers all young Australians.”
Greg Mullins, CEO and Founding Equity Partner at Envest Group

As part of the partnership, Envest will be accessing headspace training “supportive conversations” and participating in corporate fundraising events including, the headspace July Push-Up challenge and the September Fun Day.

Envest will also be promoting headspace programs and resources to colleagues and their families, to help them raise resilient, healthy young people and will also be helping promote the 'Mind and Money' series, which was launched in January 2024.

headspace research shows the leading cause of mental illness in young people is anxiety and in the latest headspace mental health survey, over half of all young people identified financial instability and cost of living as issues that needed urgent attention.

Being in the business of financial services and protecting people’s lifestyle, Envest feels strongly about supporting youth to manage their finances and having a direct, positive impact on wellbeing.

Navigating the early stages of a career can be a time of uncertainty for young people. That’s especially the case for young people who are experiencing mental ill-health. But with the right support, young people can go on to achieve their goals and live healthy lives. headspace is are grateful to Envest Group for their support and looks forward to seeing the positive impact of our partnership.
Jason Trethowan, CEO at headspace

Learn more about headspace on its website www.headspace.org.au

Find out more about the Envest Group, part of Ardonagh Global partners, online by visiting www.envest.com.au