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How we made an impact over 2023

ACT exists to enable all our Ardonagh colleagues, no matter where they are in the world, to join in our mission to build better, brighter and stronger futures for all.

Over the past six years, ACT – alongside The Ardonagh Group's people and our businesses – have raised over £5.5 million, which has all gone back into causes across the globe that strive to make a positive impact, however big or small.

As we progress into 2024, we look back on the successes of 2023.

Making a splash in 2023

The total ripple effect of giving back – whether through funds, time, skills or donations – is immeasurable. However, we’ve totted up some of our stand-out impact statistics from the year just gone.

In 2023, a grand total of over £730,000 was donated to hundreds of charities connected to our people, including…

All these, alongside further significant donations to causes including; Samaritans, Cancer Fund for Children, Red Cross International and James’ Place.

Just like Ardonagh, we never stop – and so we head into 2024 reinvigorated to continue to make a difference.

How ACT will give back in 2024

ACT is here all through the year to support Ardonagh colleagues to give back bigger to the causes that matter to them through our five pillars.

Learn more about each of our key areas of action on the dedicated pages on our website:

Keep up to date with stories behind our giving by following ACT on Instagram @ardonaghCT.

If you want to support our work or have any questions, get in touch with the ACT team using info@ardonaghtrust.org