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Meet our last two Bright Future finalists, Anna and Íris

There are just two inspirational teenagers left to meet in our ACT Bright Future Prize 23/24 finalists showcase!

Over the past four week, we've heard from all eight of our young finalists who have reached the shortlist of this year's ACT Bright Future Prize, our annual competition which seeks to empower and invest in the next generation of community leaders.

This year's finalists come from around the world, Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Portugal and South Africa, but one thing they have in common is their aspiration to create positive change.

Later this month, our ACT Trustees will have the difficult task of choosing the winners, who will share the £40,000 prize fund to turn their project ideas into a reality.

In the meantime, say hello to the final two teens on our shortlist. Watch videos from Anna in Brazil, who has founded a mental health project in Rio de Janeiro to provide vital support for young people, and Íris in Portugal, who hopes to lead change in protecting her local community from forest fires.

Tackling youth suicide through conversation and listening
Anna Dias, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Anna is a hugely passionate advocate of good mental health, and has already been at the forefront of action in her local community in Rio de Janeiro to support youth wellbeing. She has established her own youth project, called Weaving, Listening and Embracing, which aims to further understanding of mental health and ultimately to prevent suicide.

Taking action to prevent forest fires
Íris Fonseca, Leiria, Portugal

Íris grew up in Brazil, but just over a year ago, moved to Portugal. Since this transition, she's seen the devastating impact that forest fires can have on a community and the environment, having experienced them first hand in her local area. With dreams of being an engineer, Íris has harnessed these aspirations to begin her own project to improve safety in her home of Leiria by installing a fire defence alert system.

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