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Meet two more of our Bright Future finalists! Say hi to Aid Avengers and Imogen

We're ready to hit play on the next two videos from our ACT Bright Future Prize 23/24 Finalists Showcase!

Through our showcase, hear from all eight of the teens who have reached the shortlist of this year's ACT Bright Future Prize, an annual competition which seeks to empower and invest in the next generation of community leaders.

This year's finalists represent Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Portugal and South Africa, so we've been on a worldwide trip to film them all so that they can tell you first-hand about their aspirations and bright ideas for community projects.

In March, our ACT Trustees will have the difficult task of choosing the winners, who will share the £40,000 prize fund to turn their project ideas into a reality.

This week, we meet Aid Avengers, a group of size teens from Ireland, and Imogen from Australia – each on their own mission to create a lasting positive impact on the communities around them.

Creating a network of community first aiders
Aid Avengers, Co. Cork, Ireland

Aid Avengers are a group of six teens based in Cork – Carrie, Louie, Mikayla, Emma, Robyn and Amy. Together, they are determined to improve the life-saving skills of young people in their local area and more widely across the whole of Ireland. Being in a rural area, the importance of first aid is paramount to community wellbeing and they aim to educate a new generation of first aiders by creating a network of trained young people in communities around the county.

Supporting and connecting young people affected the youth justice system
Imogen O'Shannessy, Victoria, Australia

Imogen is on a mission to create a support space for young people who have experienced or been impacted by the youth justice system in Australia. Unfortunately, many young people are directly or indirectly affected by crimes, which may or may not result in the perpetrator's conviction. Imogen wants to make sure these young people do not feel isolated or abandoned, by creating a hub where young people can connect with one another and access support.

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