Investing to protect global communities for the future.
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Sustainability is at the heart of The Ardonagh Group’s strategy. The nature of the insurance industry means we often witness the effects of climate change first-hand, from floods and wildfires, through to the devastation caused by hurricanes and droughts.

As a responsible industry leader, we focus on driving innovation not only to meet client needs and industry goals, but to support the long-term health of the planet, too. Through ACT, we sponsor and invest in projects and organisations that tackle the world’s biggest challenges, such as climate change as well as equality and human rights. We are committed to helping realise a better future for our people – and the communities they care about.

We always want our actions to have a positive, sustainable and global impact.

ACT’s strengths as a global platform for giving shine bright, but we never stand still. Looking ahead, we will continue to evolve and develop our model to ensure ACT’s reach and accessibility around the world, to further grow our positive impact and contribution to communities – and society – around the world.

The Ardonagh Group will continue to address, meet and progress our sustainability promises. Through ACT, we will continue to expand our efforts as we move towards a even more socially and environmentally responsible future.

Read the 2023 report in full and learn more about Ardonagh's sustainability agenda onĀ The Ardonagh Group website.

Alongside The Ardonagh Group, we commit to delivering impact in four keys ways.

Net zero by 2050

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Wind turbine situated on green hills

A baseline for environmental strategies across the business, our property portfolio and the wider supply chain

More reliable ways to measure and track our sustainability investments

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Returns from sustainability investments go to causes Ardonagh people care about